What can I customize?

Our product is highly configurable and you can customize every part of it. Read more at Agent Customization.

Can my agent take actions besides just talking?

Certainly, it’s supported in Retell LLM and custom LLM.

Do you support integrating with other telecommunication system?

Right now we already integrated with Twilio, and other telecommunication system is not directly supported. You might be able to workaround it by working directly with audio bytes and checking out the Web Protocol. Feel free to email us about the telecommunication system you want to use, and we will evaluate if it can be integrated.

Alternatively, you can transfer the call to a Twilio number as a temporary workaround.

How is the end to end latency calculated?

The end to end latency refers to the time between human finishs speaking and agent starts talking.

Will the latency be the same as the demo when I use my custom LLM?

Obviously LLM consists a large portion of the latency, and your choice of response system would factor into latency calculation. If you check the History tab of the Dashboard, you can see that there’s latency metrics, and when you hover on it, you can see the LLM latency breakdown in details.


Your privacy and security are our top priorities. We are proud to be HIPAA compliant, ensuring your health information is protected following the highest standards. Additionally, we are in the process of obtaining our SOC2 Type II certification, reinforcing our commitment to data security and management practices. Stay tuned for updates on our compliance journey!

Language Support

For speech to text: We support English, German, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, French for now.

For which voice supports outputting audio in what languages, check out Voice Language Guide.

Do you support voice clone?

You can fill in this form to upload your custom voice! For security purposes, we will manually review the voice to ensure it is not intended for illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purposes. Once approved, it will be available in your account.

Can I get live transcript and timestamp during the call?

Yes, you can get live transcript in both client side and server side.

How long does it take to integrate Retell API?

We provide extensive documentation and open source demo repositories to help you integrate, so to get it up and running, it would be fairly simple, less than a day’s work. To make the agent great, there’s a lot of room for improving your LLM response system, and the time for that can vary.