Integrating LLM models with voice technology to create natural-sounding speech has been challenging. Traditional methods combining Speech-to-Text, LLM, and Text-to-Speech often lead to slow response times and unnatural interactions. 🦥

Retell AI will make your powerful LLM speak like a human, unlocking scenarios such as AI receptionist, AI sales, AI customer services, etc.

Our platform provides an integrated API solution tailored for conversational AI. We currently do not offer standalone Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or Text-to-Speech (TTS) APIs.

How to Navigate through Retell Docs

  • The documentation tab (where you are looking at now) will contain guides and walkthroughs to get you started.

  • The API Reference contains all detailed spec and definitions of our API.

Want to get started? Check out Quick Start

How to Choose

  1. 🧑‍🎨️ Dashboard (No code)

    • Build a proof of concept swiftly in 5 minutes without coding.
    • Acquire a Twilio phone number to set up an AI phone agent capable of making and receiving calls.
  2. 🧑‍💻️ Retell LLM (Low code)

    • Access powerful APIs for agent creation, updates, and initiating phone calls, among others.
    • Enable developers to seamlessly integrate voice AI into your products.
  3. 🧙 Custom LLM (Fully customizable)

    • Implement any custom LLM of your choice.
    • Integrate with your preferred telephony services, such as Vonage or SignalWire.