Every new account would have 10 min of free trial, no commitment needed. After trial ends, you would need to add a payment method to continue using our service.

Pay As You Go

this includes the end to end audio product like understanding audio, turn taking prediction, synthesizing audio etc. Maximum of 10 concurrent calls at a given time.

Our API does not provide LLM response and Twilio at the moment, so the pricing here does not include these components

Conversation voice engine API

  • With OpenAI / Deepgram voices ($0.08/min)
  • With Elevenlabs voices ($0.10/min)

LLM Agent

  • Retell LLM - GPT 3.5 ($0.02/min )
  • Retell LLM - GPT 4.0 ($0.20/min )
  • Your LLM (No charge)


  • Retell Twilio ($0.01/min )
  • Your Twilio (No charge)

Enterprise Plan

Got large volume? We have bulk usage discount for you, as low as $0.05 per minute. Contact us here.

  • Includes everything from pay as you go
  • Discounted pricing based on volumes.
  • Premium private Slack channel support with dedicated support teams.
  • Exclusive white-label options available.
  • Additional multilingual support
  • Custom designed rate limit