We currently have client SDK support for Node and Python. For detailed field type, description, required or not, and example SDK snippets, please check API Reference.

SDK or raw API

Using SDK usually expedites development speed and reduces lines of codes you need to write, with pre-packaged typed methods. However, if we do not have support for your language yet, our raw API is pretty easy to work with as well.

Available SDKs

  • Node Client SDK: Used to simply calling of HTTP based API and handle audio websocket
  • Python Client SDK: Used to simply calling of HTTP based API
  • Frontend JS SDK: Used to simply capturing mic, setting up playback, manipulating audio websocket

System Requirement

  • For Node: You should have installed Node (version 18.10.0 or higher).
  • For Python: supports python 3 only.


Client Initialization


We have put example usage snippets on the right side of API Reference.


  • Always wrap your SDK API call in try catch block, as the SDK would throw error when it fails.
  • SDK is a complete wrapper built around our API spec, so you can find every field existing in API reference in our SDK. The name might get camelcased depending on language.

SDK Github Repo

If you encounter issues, have feature requests, or want to contribute for our SDK, feel free to open a issue / PR in respective Github repo.