For the agent created, you can configure its language settings, so that the agent would understand the language spoken by the user, and respond in the certain language.

Currently Retell does not support a true multilingual agent that understands different languages inputs, but has the ability to speak in different languages.

Language Supported

  • en-US: English (United States)
  • en-IN: English (India)
  • en-GB: English (United Kingdom)
  • de-DE: German (Germany)
  • es-ES: Spanish (Spain)
  • es-419: Spanish (Latin America)
  • hi-IN: Hindi (India)
  • ja-JP: Japanese (Japan)
  • pt-PT: Portuguese (Portugal)
  • pt-BR: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • fr-FR: French (France)

How to Set Language

You can set the language of the agent in the Create Agent API or Update Agent API by setting the language field to the desired language code. This will determine what language the agent would understand (language of speech to text), and what respective TTS model to use.

You also need to configure the LLM model to generate responses in the desired language. This can be as easy as adding something like always respond in Spanish into the prompt.