Get API Key

You can find a tab named API Key in our no code dashbaord, which contains your credential for authentication. Please keep it in a safe and confidential place, and avoid exposing it in browsers.

Retell AI reserves the right to deactivate any API key that is detected to have been disclosed in a public setting.
  • RESTful API: standard Bearer Authentication. Set Authorization header to
    Bearer YOUR_API_KEY
  • SDK: supply API Key when constructing a client
  • Websocket API: uses call_id to authenticate.

Try Web Call

Upon registering, your dashboard will be pre-populated with default agents. Initiate a conversation by clicking “Make a web call” to engage with an agent directly through your browser.

Try Phone Call

Under the “Phones” tab, you can acquire a phone number after linking a payment method and purchasing a number tailored to your preferred area code.

Assign an agent to your new number to handle outbound calls or to answer incoming calls, providing an interactive voice AI experience over the phone.

Customize Your AI’s Responses

The dashboard allows for easy experimentation with Retell’s custom LLM. Modify the LLM’s prompt to tailor the AI’s responses to various demo scenarios.